The Road to the Much-Coveted “Sablay”: Part 2

Before I started writing this article, I first visited its part 1 (The Road to the Much-Coveted “Sablay”), which I wrote in 2014. I was all smile while reading it, as it made my imagination glide back on my first few semesters in UP SOLAIR. It made me nostalgic, thinking very carefully on how I was able to overcome that roller coaster ride – working full time, studying, being active in ministry, time for family and friends, etc.

When I graduated with my Diploma Degree in 2014, I was actually thinking of not pushing through with my Master’s Degree anymore. I just felt that schooling has eaten up too much of my time for the past couple of years, and I wanted to make up for the time lost.

In other words… Tinatamad lang talaga ako. Hahaha. 😀

But well, that was just a thought. If you really know me, you would definitely know that I won’t do that. I don’t start a battle I won’t finish.

So there, I continued with the program. The next two years were much more stressful and nerve-wracking. My demanding workload in mid of 2015 prevented me from taking up the October Comprehensive Exam.

I was crying inside! I lost one semester! 😦 😦 Well, I may sound exaggerated, but I was really aiming to finish on time so I won’t have to take penalty subjects.

I have 2 semesters left before I reach my maximum residency which is 5 years. After that lost chance of taking the exam, I planned to take on the next schedule, which is March 2016. And I aimed of passing on the first try.

I had to re-locate (since I am from the South), so I could focus on my review. And God is just awesome. I have been looking for a place which is located in between school and office (and that would fit my finances, of course) since 2015. I couldn’t find any, but right before I started reviewing, I was able to find one. 🙂

I started reviewing at the middle of February. I made a commitment to put off my normal social activities until I finish the exam. I have gotten used to saying “no” to friends whenever they would ask me out. And since I have made that commitment, I was reviewing for four freaking hours every night and every weekend, for almost seven weeks.

Well, to cut this long story short…

I passed the Comprehensive Exam, just on time. And I just earned my Master’s Degree last June 2016!

No, this is not just about my skill, my hard work, and my efforts. This is not just because I committed to focus on my review. This is not just because of my discipline and dedication. Most importantly, this is because of God’s grace and the prayers and encouragement of all the people who love me – my family and relatives, my closest friends, and my second home (The Feast).

One thing I realized right after the exam: If I would fail, I wouldn’t be as sad as other people would, because the love and prayers I received from these people every day since they knew I have an upcoming exam, were much, much more than the degree I have been aiming for.

By God’s grace, I am now a Master’s Degree holder.

But the biggest blessing of all, which nothing can ever compare to, is the realization that God loves me so much. And He is loving me through the most loving people He is sending me every day.

If I were to choose between that Sablay and those loving people, I would, without a doubt, choose the latter. But well, my God is a generous and loving God. He wouldn’t want me to choose.

I had both. 🙂




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Hang Out with the VIPs

(Recap on The Feast SM Bicutan Spark Series: Inspire)

They say you are the average of the five people you are with everyday. Who your friends are, who your colleagues are, in short, your social environment can help shape you and your future.

Who are the people surrounding you? Who are those five people whom you associate with everyday? Do these people help you become better? Happier? Healthier? Holier?

If your answer is no, then you probably want to assess your peers, because if you want to be better, happier, healthier, and holier, you need to associate more with these kinds of people. In other words, you have to associate more with VIPs, in other words, Very Inspiring People.

Last week, Bro. Velden gave us the three (3) steps on how to hang out with VIPs:

  1. ELEVATE. In order for you to determine who your VIPs are, you have to ask yourself, “What kind of person do I want to become in 5 years?” Be futuristic. Elevate your vision of who you want to become, and think of the people who you want to be like years from now.
  2. EVALUATE. Assess your friends, your peers. Do they look like who you want to become? No, it does not mean you have to leave your friends. It simply means you have to put balance on who you hang out with. Hang out more with inspiring people, because they are who you want to become; but, do not forget the people whom God has called you to minister. You love the poor and the broken, but you do not have to be poor and broken as well. Recharge through inspiring people and then get back to your old friends because they, too, need inspiring people like you.
  3. EMULATE. Find your VIPs. Look for people who are already living your dream, and follow them. Search for mentors who can help guide you as you achieve your goals, because the only way to raise the quality of your life is to raise the list of people in your life.

Who inspires you? Hang out with them more often! But above everything else, may the people you consider as VIPs lead you to Jesus, because you may have a lot of inspiration, but if Jesus is your top inspiration, you can definitely never go wrong.

The Reason for the Season

(Recap on The Feast SM Bicutan Christmas Special 2015)


Christmas is definitely a season we all love. It brings joy and laughter. It unites families and friends. Gift giving is in the air. Christmas carols and parties are everywhere. But, more than what our eyes can see, do our hearts really know what the real reason for the season is?


  1. Jesus Christ. The Son of God. The Birth of our Savior. How amazing it is to know that our Father in Heaven, the King of kings, loves us that much to give us His only begotten son. The Lord chose to be human, to be like us, so He can be one of us. He chose to be a child to teach us to be child-like, to be trusting and innocent. He became flesh so He can be with us.

  2. Love. We all love gifts. Who doesn’t? But more than the material things, may we remember that the love that is put in giving is what matters the most. May we not forget to put our heart in every wrapped item we give away, because more than the presents, it is your love and your presence that is the most important.

  3. Relationships. How are your relationships with the people around you? Do you make time to visit relatives or to check on your old friends or to even remember the people who have led you closer to Jesus? Life is all about relationships. We might be busy with our own lives, but let us never forget that nothing compares with the gift of good relationships. We probably want to take time to remember these people, the people who have always been a part of our existence.

As we enjoy this season, may we also remember the reasons. Like God who has always been with us, may we also be present, not just physically, but most especially in mind and in heart, for other people. And more than anything, may we be more willing and even readier to be Jesus-like here on earth, not just during Christmas, but every day.

Mama Mary, A Mother Like No Other

As Catholics, we have this undeniably high regard in appreciating the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We pray the rosary. We ask her to intercede for us. We rejoice her birth. We celebrate her motherhood to Jesus Christ.

Some could not decipher well the overwhelming affection we have for her, and most of the time, it is being misconstrued.

But, why is that so?

I would like to metaphorically elucidate it according to my own opinion, and I believe, based on that of other Catholics who love her the same way I do.

You were conceived by your mother, after nine months of happy yet challenging pregnancy. Challenging, I would say, because nobody else could ever explain how it is to be pregnant except a mother.

You were raised by an unconditional love. It is from your mother that you first learned how to touch, to talk, to walk, to do a little bit of everything. From the time you started to write, to read, until you were growing old and starting to decide on your own.

Throughout all the joy, the sorrow, the success, the pain, and every emotion that this world is causing you, it is your mother who feels them first before you do. In fact, if your mother could filter every undesirable feeling, she would definitely do it so you will not have to feel it anymore.

And, from the smallest decisions to the biggest and most serious choices you will make in life, you have her support, sometimes even if it would mean breaking her heart or her losing you. She loves you and nothing in this world could make her any happier than seeing you happy.


“Now, how am I and my mother related to the Blessed Virgin Mary?”, you would probably ask.


Likewise, how your mother loves you, is exactly how Mother Mary loves Jesus, our Savior. He has become human because He was conceived, raised, loved, taught as a human, by a human. He knows how it is to be human, to be like us, because of the mother who has brought Him into this world, because of the mother whom God has used so we can have salvation.

Likewise, how inseparable you and your mother are, is exactly how inseparable Mother Mary and Jesus were. How your mother supports you every day of your life, is how Mother Mary supported Jesus in every decision He has made. Your relationship with your mother comes from a good example of relationship between the Blessed Mother and her child.

And likewise, your mother’s role in your life is exactly the same as Mother Mary’s role in the life of Jesus. Everything He has experienced here on earth as a human, is exactly what you experience or will experience; and everything you and your mother go through together, is definitely an epitome of how Mother Mary and Jesus went through everything together as well.

Do we worship her? No, we don’t. We are just appreciating the beauty of her role in Christian history. She is the Blessed Mother. The chosen one. The immaculate. Through her, Jesus has been made flesh like us. How wonderful it is when we realize that we came from a mother who is pure and sinless. How amazing it is knowing that she accepted the responsibility given by God, to be a mother of the Messiah, even though she knows that this will entail her a lot of sacrifices in the future. When she said yes to God, she also has said yes to us and to our salvation. That, I believe, is one of the most beautiful parts in Christian history, and that role was played by no other than the mother of all mothers, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

You are who you are right now because of your mother. Jesus Christ is who He is because of the mother whom has raised Him. When people talk about how wonderful you are, they can’t help but recognize your mother, which is why when we talk about Jesus, we also can’t help but give respect to the existence of His mother in His life.

A mother and a child are inseparable. When we love the child, it is but natural for us to be grateful to the mother. And when we love the child, it is but natural that we acknowledge the one who brought him out into this world.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, forever we will be grateful for, for making the most selfless and beautiful decision that any mother could ever make, that is, being the mother of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

A Letter for my Mr. Right

Hello my prince,

(the man who is not perfect, with flaws and imperfections, but God has intended for me to love, and to be with me side by side in inspiring the world) 🙂

I am starting this letter of mine with a smile on my face, because I am thinking of you and envisioning myself face to face with you while reading this. I can imagine you smiling at me too, as you are also very happy that you are finally having me, the woman you have prayed to God for. 🙂

I am grateful to God, first and foremost, because of His promise of forever for the both of us. You are the gift that He has prepared for me since long time ago. That alone is my assurance that ours will be a great love story because God was the one who wrote it.

Thank you for preparing yourself for me, just as what I am doing right now for you. I am still on the process of readying myself in all aspect just so I could be perfectly whole when the time comes that God would ask me to give my heart to you. I am exploring. I am learning. I am growing. I am discovering things, places, experiences, and many more so that I could share a lot of happy (and also those not-so-happy) memories with you. I want to tour you to my past so that you would know what contributed to who I am now. Likewise, I would gladly want to visit the old you so I would appreciate more the new you. I am excited to share all of these with you, my dear.

I want you to know that I am very delighted with the idea of our happy ever after. We may have gone through a lot of painful experiences in the past, but thanks to those, we will be more than ready to face new ones together, most especially because God is in our midst.

I am excited to meet you, to get to know you, to fall in love with you. I am excited to wake up in the morning knowing that I am loved by you, and that my heart is happy loving a man as wonderful as you. I look forward to every mornings, be it sunny or gloomy, just as long as it is with you.

I want to listen to you as you share to me how your day went, who made you happy, who made you blue, who inspired you and whom you have inspired. I want to rejoice with you when you tell me stories on how you were commended for a job well done, or how you were able to share your blessings to others, or merely just how blissful your day was. Likewise, I want to be there for you, to comfort you, when you simply just had a not-so-worth-smiling-for kind of day. I want to be there for you always, in good times and in bad times.

I want to dream with you, be it as simple as talking about it over a cup of coffee, or as romantically as looking at the stars together while we were lying down in the roof of the house. The setting and how we talk about it won’t make our dreams any less special. I know I will still be excited about them.

We will dream about our life together in the future, what kind of house we want to have, how many kids we want to see running and playing inside that house, how we could be loving parents to them, how we could teach them to likewise be loving and kind to other people, how we could still have our “us” time even with the kids around, how we could inspire others through our love story, where to take vacations, how to celebrate our anniversaries, and so so many more. I will always look forward to dreaming and making everything happen with you, my love.

I want to support your personal goals as well. I want to be your number one fan cheering up on you when you got that promotion, when you got that reward from your boss, when you decided to start up a business, or even on the littlest things like doing your presentation, accomplishing a small project, trying to cook a new dish you saw in the internet, learning how to play a new sport for the first time. I promise to cheer you up from the smallest things you accomplish that sometimes you do not even notice, to the things you feel that are impossible to happen. I will always be here to believe in you. I may not always be physically present, but never will come a time that you will feel like not pushing through anymore, because never will come a time that my love for you will let you feel that way. You and your dreams will always be in my heart and in my prayers.

I want to take care of you. I want to be there even just when your head is aching or when you need a massage at the back. I want to cook for you so that when you feel tired after a day’s work, you have something to make you feel a little better. I want to give you a warm hug when you are stressed, more so when you are sick. I want to assure you that you can call me anytime of the day, whatever your concern is, because your welfare and happiness is of equal importance as mine.

I want to love and take good care of you every day, every minute, as long as my heart beats, as long as I breathe.

I am so looking forward. I am very, very excited. 🙂 The excitement I feel makes me energized every day. Just the mere fact that I am one step closer to you each single day I wake up is enough reason to just be still and to continue to patiently wait. I want to take advantage of this moment that we are not together yet, so that I could prepare well and be an even better version of myself. I want to learn more, to grow more, and to have more of God every day, because I know that it is only in having more of Him that I could love you perfectly.

I can’t wait to finally meet you, my darling. Know that I am praying for you every morning when I wake up, and every night before I go to sleep. I always pray for your dreams, for your happiness, for your heart. And lastly, please know that I am reserving my heart, my soul, and my everything for you. I could not thank God enough for He has promised me a man like you.


Patiently and happily waiting for you,


(the woman who’s not perfect but trying her best to be better, more loving, and more Jesus-like everyday) 🙂




Pinoy, isa kang Biyaya!

(Recap on The Feast SM Bicutan Thank God I’m Filipino Series: Halo-halo Espesyal)

Ang mga Pilipino ay katangi-tanging likha ng Diyos. Higit ano pa man, tayo ay mapalad na mabiyayaan ng mga pambihirang kaugalian na ating maipagmamalaki at magagamit upang mas maibahagi sa iba ang pagmamahal ng Panginoon.

Sa pagpapatuloy ng ating seryeng Thank God I’m Filipino nung nakaraang linggo, ang mga kaugaliang ito ay ating higit na naunawaan. Sa tulong ni Bro. Velden Lim at ng ating guest Feast Builder na si Bro. Alvin Barcelona, atin ding naiugnay ang mga ito sa Salita ng Diyos.

Ibinahagi sa atin ni Bro. Alvin ang Anim na pinaka-kapansin pansin na kaugaliang Pinoy:

 1. Heroic (Nagpapakilala ng Kabayanihan)

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheeps.” – John 10:11

Hindi ba’t kilala ang mga Pinoy dahil sa pagiging mapagmahal sa pamilya? Magta-trabaho para maitaguyod ang pamilya. Titiisin ang lungkot sa ibayong dagat upang makapag-patapos ng mga anak. Uunahin ang ibang tao bago ang sariling kapakanan. Tutulong sa abot ng makakaya. Hindi na nakapagtataka, sapagkat nanalaytay sa atin ang dugo ng ating mga ninunong bayani, at hindi maikakailang sa bansang ating pinagmulan, lahat tayo ay bayani.

2. Honest (Tapat)

“Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.”

– Proverbs 28:6

Ang mga Pinoy ay tapat at mapagkakatiwalaan. Hindi bale nang magpakahirap tayo sa pagta-trabaho, basta’t marangal ito at malinis. Hindi lamang iyan. Ang katangian na ito ng mga Pinoy, higit sa lahat, ay nagmumula sa loob ng tahanan, kung kaya’t naisasabuhay natin ito saan man tayo tumungo.

3. Harworking (Masipag)

“Lazy people want much but get little, while the diligent are prospering.” – Proverbs 14:3

Ang mga Pinoy ay may malasakit sa trabaho. Hindi lang basta gumagawa, kundi buong pagmamahal na inaari ang trabaho. May malasakit sa kumpanyang pinagtatrabahuhan at sa mga tao sa paligid, kung kaya naman gusting-gusto ng ibang mga bansa ang kalidad ng trabaho nating mga Pinoy. Higit sa lahat, naniniwala tayong mga Pinoy na palaging may magandang kahihinatnan ang pagiging masipag at pagsasakripisyo.

4. Happy (Masaya)

”Be joyful always.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16

Tayong mga Pilipino ay isa sa mga pinakamasayahing tao sa mundo. Nagagawa nating tumawa sa likod ng mga problema. Nakukuha nating maging positibo sa kabila ng mga dagok ng buhay. Hindi naman maipagkakaila, sapagkat isinasabuhay natin ang bersong ito. Palaging maging masaya. Hindi minsan, hindi kapag may pera, hindi kapag walang problema, kundi ‘palagi’.

5. Humble (Mapagpakumbaba)

”Stand up in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly.” – Leviticus 19:32

Isa marahil sa mga dahilan kung bakit mapagpakumbaba ang mga Pinoy, dahil tayo mismo ay hindi nahihiyang dumamay sa iba sa oras ng kagipitan. Kaya’t kapag tayo naman ang dumaan sa pagsubok, hindi tayo nagmamataas at nahihiyang aminin na tayo ay nangangailangan din ng tulong ng iba. Kaakibat din ng pagiging mapagpakumbaba nating mga Pinoy ay ang pagbibigay respeto sa ibang tao, bata man o matanda. Pinapakita natin ang pagrespeto sa iba hindi lang sa salita kundi pati na rin sa gawa. Ang paggalang natin sa iba ay isang tanda ng ating pagiging mapagpakumbaba.

6. Heart (Puso)

”Greet one another with a kiss of Love.” – 1 Peter 5:14

“Love one another with brotherly affection.” – Romans 12:10

Kaibigan. Trabaho. Pamilya. Pag-ibig. Walang pipiliin ang Pinoy. Lahat ibibigay sa abot ng makakaya. Buong pagmamahal na ibibigay ang sarili para sa kapatid, sa kaibigan, sa pamilya. Iaalay hindi lang ang galing at talino sa trabaho, kundi pati ang puso para sa ibang tao. Handang isakripisyo ang lahat para sa Pag-ibig, dahil tayo ay naniniwala na hindi mga materyal na bagay, kundi ang mga ito ang pinakamahahalagang bagay sa mundo.

Ang sarap maging Pinoy, ano? Ang sarap ipagmalaki ang mga katangian natin na ang Panginoon mismo ang nagkaloob.

Ano pang hinihintay mo? Ipagbunyi mo ang iyong lahi! Samantalahin mo ang oportunidad na ibinigay ng Panginoon sa’yo upang gamitin ang mga katangian mo! Taas noo mong ipagmalaki at ibahagi ito, dahil Pinoy, isa kang biyaya sa mundo! 🙂


Pinoy, isa kang Biyaya!

I Am A World Class Race Car

I used to believe that I am like a second hand, old model race car – slow, ugly, useless. I used to be contented with spare attentions. Someone will use me, and then throw me. Someone will pick me up again, refurbish my parts so I could compete with other race cars, but was not satisfied. Again, I was thrown because there were better cars.

I used to not believe in my capabilities. I was satisfied with the sight of more beautiful race cars around me, while having the feeling of envy because I was so far from the word “good-looking”. I was so far from the word “worthy”.

I saw them moving forward every day, being taken care of by their owners, reaching their goals and being successful on their chosen paths. Me? I didn’t even know where to go. I didn’t even know who would accept an old, rusty race car. I believed too much that maybe, I was born to be a second hand race car; until one day, at the middle of this race car competition called life, Somebody picked this old car and restored it until it looked new again.

How did He restore me? Well, He did not do anything. He did not change parts nor re-painted me. He just simply believed that I can and will run as fast as the other brand new cars. He used me with no hesitations at all. He loved me like I am one of the brand new race cars that would bring Him the 1st place award.

The more He believed in me, the more I get convinced that I can. From the day He found me, He has just been using me and believing in me and loving me every day of my life. Eventually, I started to find myself looking at the other race cars around me without envy at all. I examined my parts. They are all the same. Nothing has changed; but the way I look at myself now was way different from how I used to look at myself before. I tried to scrutinize even more, then I realized something. There indeed is something different, and that is, My Owner.

I have been used, repaired, thrown, recycled, and neglected before by my former owners. None of them were contented with who I am. But the One who owned me now, never did and will never do those. The One who owned me now accepted me despite my imperfections. It is the love that made me believe of my abilities. It is the love that makes me go on with this race car competition every day. I am very grateful for He picked me up when I no longer believe in myself anymore.

Now, I think of myself as a World Class Race Car. Beautiful. Competitive. Capable of everything. Renewed every day. And in this race car competition we are in, anybody can own us, can use us, but, there is only One Owner who could restore and renew us, and who would love every single bit, even those that seemed unlovable part, of our existence. There is only One, and it will always be up to us if we want to be owned and used by Him.


Article featured on The Feast SM Bicutan’s website.


Bringing Out That Inner Change

(Recap on The Feast SM Bicutan Coach Series: Enable)

Many of us want specific persons in our lives to change. A friend, a family member, a co-worker, etc. Most of the time, we fall into the trap of changing others in ineffective ways, and sometimes, we do it through Coercion. Most often than not, the change we see don’t last or will just be of no use. Why? Because a change that has come by force, more likely is not inner change. It is a change that has come out because of fear, because of pressure.

As we continued our series last week, Bro. Velden shared to us how it is to effectively change a person, not by coercion, but by coaching.

In Luke 5:1-11, we have seen how Jesus himself did it when He taught Peter and the other fishermen how to catch more fish at the Lake of Gennesaret. He did it not by force, but by journeying with these men. How He did it made Peter and the others follow Him; and also the same as what we could do to help other people change.


  1. Clarify his worth. When Jesus used Peter’s boat without hesitations, without even asking if he had sinned, it was like He was telling him that He sees his worth. Likewise, when we try to coach people, we must be able to learn how to look at the other person as valuable as Jesus sees him. We must be able to learn, first and foremost, to not look at the sins, but rather look at the other person’s worth.
  1. Clarify his wants. What does the other person want? What’s important to him? Like how Jesus showed concern when Peter caught nothing the previous night, we must also realize that what’s more important is what the other person wants and cares about and not ours. Remember that the star of the coaching is not the coach, but the coachee.
  1. Clarify his way. After knowing what Peter wants, Jesus suggested another way to do it, which is, to put his net on the other side. Similarly, when we have already asked what the other person wants, we now ask him how he intends to make it happen. There are instances when we could use our coach’s hat, where we could give questions that will lead him to the answer; or, on a very rare occasion, our consultant’s hat, where we already take the initiative to tell the other person what to do, if we see that what they want will destroy them or the people around them.
  1. Clarify his wingmen. Coaching is based on trust. If Jesus had not earned the trust of Peter, the latter wouldn’t have followed Him. When we try to change people, first of all, it is our presence that they need. More than our power, knowledge or riches, our presence is what makes another person change.

Coaching, not coercion, causes conversion. If we want inner change, we must also learn how to coach like how Jesus did. We must be able to help the other person bring out that inner change, because if it’s not inner change, then it is not change at all.


Bringing Out That Inner Change

Nakakatamad Mag-Worry

Ang dami mong iniisip. Ang dami mong pinu-problema. Sa araw araw na gigising ka, nag-aalala ka at inuubos ang oras sa bagay na hindi pa nangyayari, sa mga bagay na pakiramdam mo kulang sa buhay mo.

Wala akong pera. Hindi pa sinasagot ni Lord yung prayer ko. Ang pangit ng trabaho ko. Di ako sinagot ng nililigawan ko. Ang daming problema sa bahay.Buti pa siya maganda at seksi. Nag-away na naman kami ng asawa ko. Bakit ba kasi mahirap lang kami.


Araw araw, iba ibang problema. Hindi nauubos.Ang tanong, nasu-solusyunan ba ng pag-aalala ang mga problema mo? Hindi rin naman, diba? E, ano’ng idinudulot nito sa’yo? Sakit sa ulo at lungkot. Tama? Malulungkot ka ngayong araw kakaisip sa mga bagay na wala ka, sa halip na nagpapakasaya ka sa mga maliliit na biyaya na meron ka. Nauubos ang oras mo kakaisip, sa halip na ginagawan mo ng paraan.


Pwede ka naman mag-alala.Normal yun dahil tao ka. Pero kahit malungkot ka kakaisip, tandaan mo, ang pangako ng Diyos hindi magbabago. Ang mga plano Niya, lahat nakaukit nang mangyari.Imbes na malugmok ka sa kalungkutan, bakit hindi ka na lang magpakasaya habang sumusunod sa Kanya? Malay mo paggising mo bukas, yung hinihintay mo na sagot, parating na pala. Pa’no kung bukas, kakatakok na sa pintuan mo yung biyaya na nakaplanong ibigay sa’yo ng Diyos? Sayang naman yung kahapon na naglungkut-lungkutan ka. Yung oras na nalugmok ka, hindi mo na kailanman maibabalik.

Kung gusto mong mamroblema, pwedeng pwede naman. Pero ako, sa totoo lang, tinatamad ako mag-worry. Sayang naman ang araw at oras, e kung hindi man ngayon, sigurado ako, bukas dadating na ang hinihintay ko. At kung hindi man dumating bukas, ang dami namang pwedeng ipagpasalamat ngayon.

Sigurado ako, ikaw din, parating na yung hinihintay mo at madami kang pwedeng ipagpasalamat ngayong araw.Sana huwag mong sayangin. 🙂

Article featured on The Feast SM Bicutan’s website.


Real Peace Requires Time

(Recap on The Feast SM Bicutan The Simple Life Series: Time)

Fact: We are all always busy. I believe that you would agree if I say that people tend to do everything all at the same time everyday, and never having been contented with doing nothing. Because we are always trying to do a lot of things, our minds get so preoccupied, and we forget to pause and listen to what God is telling us. Because we don’t listen to His voice anymore, our lives, which used to be so simple, start to get complicated.

On last week’s talk, Bro. Velden shared to us 3 Clear Steps to Rest and De-stress. These steps were taken from our scripture below, and explained how Jesus exactly defined rest:

“Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, Jesus said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” – Mark 6:31


  1. ‘Come with me..’ Some would often mistake rest solely as taking vacations and enjoying life. That’s normal. But we must not forget that the most important thing that Jesus had asked from us is to be with Him and journey with Him. We can only find real peace if we, first and foremost, establish a solid relationship with Jesus. If we are able to manage our relationship with Him, then we can definitely manage even the most stressful things we will face.
  1. ‘By Yourselves..’ One of the most important relationships you have is your relationship with yourself. Talk to yourself. Take care of yourself. Love yourself the way God loves you. Look at yourself like how God looks at your beauty, your strength, your greatness and how wonderful your future is. Celebrate who you are, because God is celebrating who you are.
  1. ‘To a Quiet Place..’ Listen to your heart. Is it noisy? If you always feel tired, chances are, you might be afraid. Sometimes, the loudest form of voice is not the ones we hear, but rather the ones that we feel. Do you fear the future? Do you feel like you are not enough? When you feel like you have done your best and nothing’s happening, probably God is already telling you to stop for a while, and let Him do His part.

Sometimes, all it takes for us is to pause for a while, and reflect on our relationship with God. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we must never forget to give time to the things that matter the most. Pay attention to God’s voice, and remember that real peace only comes from Him.

Real Peace Requires Time